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IFS WP2021/32 Feed the children

Feed the children

Working Paper
We conduct an experiment to understand the household decision-making process regarding food expenditures for children in poor households in Nairobi.

5 October 2021

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A new year, a new you?


The impact of variation in diet quality across individuals on obesity and diet-related disease has received much attention, but variation in individuals’ diet quality over time less so. This column combines British data on food purchases with a model in which individual choice is driven by the influence of a healthy self and an unhealthy self to examine self-control problems in food choice.

22 January 2018

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Sharp for SARP: Nonparametric bounds on the behavioural and welfare effects of price changes

Working Paper

Sharp nonparametric bounds are derived for Hicksian compensating and equivalent variations. These 'i-bounds' generalize earlier results of Blundell, Browning and Crawford (2008). We show that their e-bounds are sharp under the Weak Axiom of Revealed Preference (WARP). They do not require transitivity. The new i-bounds are sharp under the Strong Axiom of Revealed Preference (SARP). By requiring transitivity they can be used to bound welfare measures. The new bounds on welfare measures are shown to be operationalized through algorithms that are easy to implement.

19 September 2012