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Women and men at work

We look at the differences between men and women in all activities that can be labelled as ‘work’.

6 December 2021

Family time use and home learning during the COVID-19 lockdown


The COVID-19 school closures forced children and parents to make unprecedented changes to their daily routines. Including the summer holidays, most children will have had a five-and-a-half-month break from physically attending school by the time they returned in September.

21 September 2020

September return to school offers a chance to level the playing field


In this observation, we use data from an online survey of parents with school-aged children – funded by the Nuffield Foundation and collected during June and July 2020 – to document the patchwork of in-person schooling that children had before the summer. We also explore parents’ concerns about sending their children back to school at the end of the last term.

23 August 2020