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The price we pay for carbon: can taxes take us to net zero?

You can download the event slides here:

Solving climate change will entail innovation, substantial behavioural change, and considerable economic cost. This online event will focus in on the role of tax in achieving that historic transition, asking: what is the current state of UK environmental policy, what more needs to be done, and how can we ensure a fair transition to net zero?

Chaired by IFS Deputy Director Helen Miller, it will feature a series of short talks from IFS researchers and policy experts exploring the most pressing economic challenges facing the UK on the road to net zero, including:

  • Isaac Delestre, IFS
  • Tim Lord, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
  • Anna Valero, LSE's Centre for Economic Performance

Talks will be followed by time for your questions.The IFS presentation will draw on the IFS Green Budget chapter on tax policies to help achieve net zero carbon emissions, which has been produced with funding from the Nuffield Foundation and in association with Citi.

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