Election briefings 2017

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Jonathan Cribb

IFS researchers present at Office of Manpower Economics conference


IFS researchers Jonathan Cribb and Professor Richard Disney presented papers at the Office of Manpower Economics Conference: 'Research on public sector pay' on Thursday 21 Spetember 2017, along with a number of other organisations. The presentations can be found here....

21 September 2017

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Comparison of parties’ plans for education spending on 16-18 year-olds in England


In this observation, we examine the main parties’ proposals for spending on 16-18 education in England, which includes students in School Sixth Forms, Sixth Form Colleges and Further Education Colleges. This area of education receives considerably less attention in public debate than other areas and seems not to have been a major spending priority for policymakers over recent decades.

1 June 2017

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Challenging times ahead for the NHS regardless of who wins the election


The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos all contained commitments to increase NHS spending over the next parliament. In this observation we set out what these commitments are likely to mean for the path of health spending in England going forwards, and put this in the context of the pressures faced by the health service from an ageing population. All three parties are proposing real increases in health spending over the next parliament, but at a rate well below the long run historical average. The next parliament will therefore continue to be an incredibly challenging period for the NHS, regardless of who wins the election. In the long run the NHS would be better served by a serious attempt to address long run funding pressures in a coherent and systematic fashion, than by the government just announcing further short term funding fixes.

30 May 2017