Income investment

Income investment

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Does Starbucks pay enough tax?


This presentation was given by Rachel Griffith as the Royal Economic Society annual lecture on 24 November 2015.

18 December 2015

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Weak productivity growth is not confined to a few sectors of the economy


Productivity is currently the most talked about topic in town, and for good reason. At the end of 2014 UK productivity remained below its pre-recession level and 16% below where it would have been had the pre-recession trend continued. Looking forward, it is only productivity growth that is likely to spur increases in real wage growth and living standards. Alongside the upcoming budget, George Osborne will set out a plan for how to boost productivity. This Observation aims to provide some context for current discussions by setting out what the most recent data shows about the trajectory of productivity across different sectors of the economy.

26 June 2015