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The curse of graduating during a recession


This lecture will cover what we learned from the last big economic crisis in 2008, and what it can teach us about the prospects for people graduating during Covid.

15 November 2021

IFS WP2021/24 How much does degree choice matter?

How much does degree choice matter?

Working Paper
This paper investigates variation in returns to different higher education ‘degrees’ (subject-institution combinations) in the UK.

11 August 2021

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What is a degree worth? Estimating the returns to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees


The share of people staying on in education beyond the age of 18 has grown substantially in the UK since the 1980s. Yet until now, evidence on the effect of these qualifications on subsequent earnings has been limited. This event presented key findings from three pieces of research published in 2020 by the IFS on returns to education.

12 November 2020