//  This is a scheme for creating the basis of a Fiscal Studies style graph in Stata
    //  It makes modifications to s2mono.scheme.
    //  This file should be saved in Stata's ado path (usually C:\ado).
    //  Version: v01; written for StataMP 13.
    //  Author: Helen Miller, Oct 2014

    #include s2mono

    //  White background
    color background white
    color plotregion white

    // Grid lines
    linestyle   major_grid  none

    // Y-axis labels horizontal
    anglestyle vertical_tick     horizontal

    // Axis titles: a bit larger and with more distance
    gsize axis_title             medium
    margin axis_title            small

    // Legend beneath graph, cenetered, with frame
    clockdir legend_position     6
    color legend_line            black

    // Markers
    // Marker symbols
    symbol p      diamond
    symbol p1     diamond
    symbol p2     circle
    symbol p3     plus
    symbol p4     diamond_hollow
    symbol p5     circle_hollow
    symbol p6     square_hollow
    symbol p7     square
    symbol p8     x
    symbol p9     triangle_hollow
    symbol p10    triangle
    symbol p11    smcircle
    symbol p12    smdiamond_hollow
    symbol p13    smsquare
    symbol p14    smtriangle_hollow
    symbol p15    smx

    // Black markers and outlines
    color p1              black
    color p2              black
    color p3              black
    color p4              black
    color p5              black
    color p6              black
    color p7              black
    color p8              black
    color p9              black
    color p10             black
    color p11             black
    color p12             black
    color p13             black
    color p14             black
    color p15             black

    // Bars in grey scale - getting lighter as more bars added (repeats after 5 bars)
    color pl1bar      gs7
    color pl2bar      gs10
    color pl3bar      gs13
    color pl4bar      gs14
    color pl5bar      gs15
    color pl6bar      gs7
    color pl7bar      gs10
    color pl8bar      gs13
    color pl9bar      gs14
    color pl10bar     gs15
    color pl11bar     gs7
    color pl12bar     gs10
    color pl13bar     gs13
    color pl14bar     gs14
    color pl15bar     gs15

    color p1bar      gs7
    color p2bar      gs10
    color p3bar      gs13
    color p4bar      gs14
    color p5bar      gs15
    color p6bar      gs7
    color p7bar      gs10
    color p8bar      gs13
    color p9bar      gs14
    color p10bar     gs15
    color p11bar     gs7
    color p12bar     gs10
    color p13bar     gs13
    color p14bar     gs14
    color p15bar     gs15

    color p1area      gs7
    color p2area      gs10
    color p3area      gs13
    color p4area      gs14
    color p5area      gs15
    color p6area      gs7
    color p7area      gs10
    color p8area      gs13
    color p9area      gs14
    color p10area     gs15
    color p11area     gs7
    color p12area     gs10
    color p13area     gs13
    color p14area     gs14
    color p15area     gs15

    color p1pie      gs7
    color p2pie      gs10
    color p3pie      gs13
    color p4pie      gs14
    color p5pie      gs15
    color p6pie      gs7
    color p7pie      gs10
    color p8pie      gs13
    color p9pie      gs14
    color p10pie     gs15
    color p11pie     gs7
    color p12pie     gs10
    color p13pie     gs13
    color p14pie     gs14
    color p15pie     gs15

    // Pie graphs: Black outlines. Larger labels
    linestyle pie_lines          histogram

    color p1box      gs7
    color p2box      gs10
    color p3box      gs13
    color p4box      gs14
    color p5box      gs15
    color p6box      gs7
    color p7box      gs10
    color p8box      gs13
    color p9box      gs14
    color p10box     gs15
    color p11box     gs7
    color p12box     gs10
    color p13box     gs13
    color p14box     gs14
    color p15box     gs15

    // Bars: Medium thin outline
    linewidth p1bar             medthin
    linewidth p2bar             medthin
    linewidth p3bar             medthin
    linewidth p4bar             medthin
    linewidth p5bar             medthin
    linewidth p6bar             medthin
    linewidth p7bar             medthin
    linewidth p8bar             medthin
    linewidth p9bar             medthin
    linewidth p10bar            medthin
    linewidth p11bar            medthin
    linewidth p12bar            medthin
    linewidth p13bar            medthin
    linewidth p14bar            medthin
    linewidth p15bar            medthin