This documentation describes all of the derived variables deposited on the Wave Three Life History Dataset (archived in March 2009). All information relevant to the derivation of each variable is provided in the format described below.

Variable Name: Each new variable is identified by using the variable name as found on the dataset and the variable label. All derived variables are distinguished from other variables by their labels which all use the prefix 'DV'Value Labels These are the labels of all categories assigned to different values. Where there are no value labels (for example on a continuous variable such as age) this is indicated by 'None'.

Missing Value: Labels: These are the labels given to the values that are considered to be missing data. Note that these are not necessarily the same values used on the questionnaire data. On the majority of derived variables there are additional categories of missing data and these are labeled here.

Description of Variable: brief description of the derived variables and any key issues to note about the variable.

Population: This defines the population of interest in relation to the variable. This identifies who should have a value on this variable. If a variable is applicable to All Individuals, every case in the dataset should have a value on this variable. On some variables, there are cases to whom the variable applies but for whom the data is missing, usually due to item level non-response. These cases have a missing value which is indicated in the missing value labels./p>

DerivationDescription: This section provides a description of the SPSS code used to derive the variable. It is intended to help users unfamiliar with the data to understand the derivation in detail. This section also highlights the variable names used to derive the new variable.

SPSS Code: This section provides the SPSS code used to derive the variable and assign variable and value labels.