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The Selection of High-Skilled Emigrants

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Overall, high-skilled individuals form an important group of potential migrants because of both their relatively high rates of mobility and their potential contribution to the host economy. Studying migrant selection in this context is particularly useful because these migrants face low formal barriers to migration and are unlikely to be credit constrained. The observed selection patterns underline the relevance of the Roy/Borjas model in this setting.

29 November 2017

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Maternal education, home environments and the development of children and adolescents

Working Paper

There is a striking increase in inequality in children's home environments over the last 50 years (McLanahan, 2004). These are measured as differences in age of mothers of young children (below 5), maternal employment, single motherhood, divorce during the first 10 years of marriage, father's involvement, and family income, for mothers with different levels of education. This trend is cause for great concern because the home environment is probably the best candidate for explaining inequality in child development.

19 September 2007