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Sparse demand systems: corners and complements

Working Paper

We propose a demand model where consumers simultaneously choose a few different goods from a large menu of available goods, and choose how much to consume of each good.

23 September 2019

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Estimating the benefits of transport investment


The National Infrastructure Commission commissioned a team of academics and researchers at the IFS and UCL to create a software tool that estimates how land values respond to changes in land purpose or infrastructure improvements. The tool is now available online, and this page provides some background on, and documentation for, the project.

27 July 2018

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Income effects and the welfare consequences of tax in differentiated product oligopoly

Working Paper

Random utility models are widely used to study consumer choice. The vast majority of applications make strong assumptions about the marginal utility of income, which restricts income effects, demand curvature and pass-through. The authors show that flexibly modeling income effects can be important, particularly if one is interested in the distributional effects of a policy change, even in a market in which, a priori, the expectation is that income effects will play a limited role. The authors allow for much more flexible forms of income effects than is common and illustrate the implications by simulating the introduction of an excise tax.

8 June 2015