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Top income inequality and tax policy

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Concerns about how much income ‘the rich’ have, the activities from which it is derived, and how much tax is paid on it are central to debates about inequality.

7 April 2022

The Economic Journal

Price floors and externality correction

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We evaluate the impact of a price floor for alcohol introduced in Scotland in 2018, using a difference-in-differences strategy with England as a contr

31 January 2022

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Price floors and externality correction

Working Paper

We study the introduction of a price floor for alcohol that is aimed at correcting for negative consumption externalities. Policy effectiveness depend

20 November 2020

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Could restricting junk food advertising reduce obesity?


Reports suggest that the government is planning on introducing new measures to tackle obesity, including a ban on television advertising of food and drink products that are high in fat, sugar or salt before the 9pm watershed.

27 July 2020