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The gender wage gap


This presentation was delivered to officials from the Government Equalities Office in London on 23rd April 2018.

23 April 2018

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Wage progression and the gender wage gap: the causal impact of hours of work


In the early 1990s, average hourly wages were almost 30% lower for women than for men. The gender wage gap has come down, but it remains at around 20%. There are lots of reasons for the scale and persistence of this gap, but new work funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows that one important factor is that mothers spend less time in paid work, and more time working part-time, than do fathers. As a result, they miss out on earnings growth associated with more experience.

5 February 2018

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The gender pay gap in the UK: children and experience in work

Working Paper

Despite some convergence, the gender pay gap remains large. In this study, we use BHPS-USoc data to document the evolution of the gender pay gap in the UK over the past 25 years and its association with fertility. We also investigate the potential role of various differences in career patterns between men and women and how they change with the arrival of the rst child.

5 February 2018