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Booms, busts and retirement timing

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Cyclical fluctuations - which affect both asset and labour markets - can have an ambiguous effect on retirement. In this article, first published online on 5 April 2015, the authors explore this issue empirically using data from the British Household Panel Survey, exploiting small area geographic identifiers to match local house prices, earnings and unemployment to respondents.

26 June 2015

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The London Bombings and Racial Prejudice: Evidence from Housing and Labour Markets.


On the 7th of July 2005 (henceforth 7/7), four extremist Islamic terrorist bombers targeted London's transport network, killing 52 passengers and injuring hundreds more. Using prerecorded statements, the bombers threatened further acts of terrorism. Indeed, just 2 weeks later, a further four suicide bombers attempted but failed to execute similar attacks.

27 August 2014

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Booms, Busts and Retirement Timing


This paper looks at the effect of asset prices and labour market conditions over the economic cycle on retirement timing in Great Britain.

1 December 2010