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Preferences and beliefs in the marriage market for young brides

Working Paper

Rajasthani women typically leave school early and marry young. We develop a novel discrete choice methodology using hypothetical vignettes to elicit average parental preferences over a daughter’s education and age of marriage, and subjective beliefs about the evolution of her marriage market prospects.

7 March 2019

IFS Research fellow Abi Adams wins ESRC award for impact in public policy


IFS Research fellow Dr Abi Adams hasbeen awarded the2018 ESRC Outstanding Impact in Public Policy award. The award was given for her research on employment tribunal fees which contributed to the unanimous Supreme Court finding in July 2017 that the fee system for employment tribunal claimants was un...

21 June 2018

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Mutually consistent revealed preference bounds

Working Paper

This paper highlights the nonlinearities in revealed preference restrictions and the nonconvexities in the set of predictions that arise when making multiple predictions. The author develops a mixed integer programming characterisation of the problem that can be used to impose rationality on multiple predictions. The approach is applied to the UK Family Expenditure Survey to recover jointly rational nonparametric estimates of income expansion paths.

11 August 2015