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IFS organises a variety of seminars, previously held at IFS over lunchtime but which have been taking place entirely online since the start of the pandemic. All seminars listed below are open to the general public. For more information on how to attend, please contact

Please contact the organisers listed below if you wish to present a paper.

  • Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) seminars; Organisers: Alison Andrew, Peter Levell and George Stoye.
  • IFS-STICERD seminars on public economics: topics relating to public economics; co-organised by CPP at IFS and STICERD at LSE. Organiser: Kate Smith and Monica Costa Dias
  • Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap) seminars: topics relating to econometrics; Organiser: Daniel Wilhelm

2022 Seminar Programme

Unless otherwise specified, these seminars will take place in person at the IFS and online. For more information on how to attend, please contact

Monday 13th June, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS Seminar: Brenda Samaniego de la Parra, University of California Santa Cruz

How Much Is a Formal Job Worth? Evidence from Mexico

Wednesday 15th June, 16.00 - 17.15

IFS Seminar: Attila Lindner, UCL

Firm Heterogeneity and the Impact of Payroll Taxes

Past Seminars

Friday 18th February, 15:30 - 17:00 (Online only)

Micro Macro Household Finance Seminar: Mark Aguiar, Princeton

Who are the hand-to-mouth?

Wednesday 23rd February, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS Seminar: Max Kellogg, University of Chicago

Household Self-Insurance and the Value of Disability Insurance in the United States

Monday 14th March, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS Seminar: Abhijeet Singh, Stockholm School of Economics

The incidence of affirmative action: Evidence from quotas in private schools in India

Wednesday 16th March, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS/STICERD Seminar: Evan Rose, University of Chicago

Systemic Discrimination among large U.S. Employers

Friday 18th March, 15:30 - 17:00 (Online Only)

Micro Macro Household Finance Seminar: Matthieu Gomez, Columbia

Asset-Price Redistribution

Monday 21st March, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS Seminar: Naomi Feldman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Impact of Opportunity Zones on Commercial Investment and Economic Activity

Wednesday 30th March, 16.30 - 17.45 (Online Only)

IFS/STICERD Seminar: Stefanie Stantcheva, Harvard University

Wealth and Property Taxation in the United States

Monday 25th April, 14.30 - 15.45 (Online Only)

IFS Seminar: Heather Sarsons, University of Chicago

National Wage Setting

Wednesday 4th May, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS/STICERD Seminar: Petra Persson, Stanford University

Targeting Precision Medicine: Evidence from Prenatal Screening

Monday 9th May, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS Seminar: Jonathan Colmer, University of Virginia

Air Pollution and Economic Opportunity in the United States

Wednesday 18th May, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS/STICERD Seminar: Aline Bütikofer, Norwegian School of Economics

Pregnancy Loss: Stress, Investment, and Subsequent Children

Monday 23rd May, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS Seminar: Diane Alexander, The Wharton School

Provider Payments and the Direction of Innovation: The Case of the Wearable Artificial Kidney

Wednesday 8th June, 12.30 - 13.45

IFS/STICERD Seminar: Johannes Spinnewyn, LSE

Predicting Long-term Unemployment Risk



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