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20 October 2020

Gorman Lectures 2020: Inequality and Automation

Daron AcemogluOn 12 and 13th October, Daron Acemoglu (MIT) delivered the 2020 Gorman Lectures on the subject of Inequality and Automation.

You can download the slides here and watch the presentations below.

A conference was held alongside the lectures, convened by the IFS Deaton Review, CREAM and UCL on the theme of technology, automation and inequality. The a list of presentations given is below.

Lecture 1: Tasks, Automation and Labor Market

Lecture 2: New Tasks, Good Automation and Bad Automation: Implications for the Future of Work

Monday October 12th 2020

1.30pm – 3pm (chair Richard Blundell)

Attila Lindner (UCL and IFS) “Technological Change and Skill-Demand in Non-Competitive Labor Markets” (joint with Balazs Murakozy, Balazs Reizer, and Ragnhild Schreiner)

Matias Cortes (York and CReAM) “Technological Change, Firm Heterogeneity and Wage Inequality” (joint with Adrian Lerche, Uta Schonberg and Jeanne Tschopp)

3.30pm – 5pm (chair Hyejin Ku)

Jan Eeckhout (UPF and BSE) “The Contribution of Market Power to Wage Inequality” (with Shubhdeep Deb, Aseem Patel and Larry Warren).

John van Reenen (LSE and MIT) “The Impact of Regulation on Innovation” (with Philippe Aghion and Antonin Bergeaud).

5.30pm – 7pm (chair Richard Blundell)

Gorman Lecture I: Daron Acemoglu “Tasks, Automation and the Labor Market”

Tuesday October 13th 2020

1.30pm – 3pm (chair Fabien Postel-Vinay)

Imran Rasul (UCL and IFS) “How Do Workers and Firms Search and Match in Low-income Labour Markets? Evidence from a Six-Year Labor Market Experiment in Uganda” (with Oriana Bandiera, Vittorio Bassi, Robin Burgess, Munshi Sulaiman and Anna Vitali)

Rachel Griffith (IFS and Manchester) “Wage progression in low-educated jobs” (joint with Antonin Bergeaud, Philippe Aghion, and Richard Blundell)

3.30pm – 5pm (chair Pedro Carneiro)

Monica Costa-Dias (IFS) “The careers and wages of women: local labour markets, sorting and skills” (with Fabien Postel-Vinay and Penpeng Xiao)

Christian Dustmann (UCL and CReAM), “The Effects of Changes in Business Taxation on Firms, Workers and Local Labor Markets” (with Mimosa Distefano and Uta Schönberg)

5.30pm – 7pm (chair Christian Dustmann)

Gorman Lecture II: Daron Acemoglu “New Tasks, Good Automation and Bad Automation: Implications for the Future of Work”