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Health is a major component of wellbeing. It is difficult to enjoy and fully participate in family, community and working life without good health. But how does the UK fare in delivering longer and healthier lives to all? To help us understand, we will document how healthy the UK is compared to other wealthy countries and look at health inequalities by education, occupation, sex and age and examine if these inequalities are widening.

Behaviour, socioeconomic background, policy and austerity

We cover a number of important issues. Why do some people lead healthier and longer lives than others? What difference does socioeconomic background make? Do differences in income or education level matter more? What part has austerity or changes in peoples’ behaviour played? How have all of these factors contributed to how long or healthy our lives are in the UK and how do we compare with other countries?

Ultimately, we consider what has already been done, what has worked and what can we change for the better.