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Low and Middle Income Longitudinal Population Study Directory

The Low and Middle Income Longitudinal Population Study Directory (LMIC LPS Directory) has been developed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) on behalf of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Wellcome Trust.

It aims to provide a valuable resource for researchers, funders and those interested in understanding changing socio-economic and health circumstances, and to enhance opportunities for international and interdisciplinary research collaboration. Its development has been supported by the Grand Challenges Research Fund, which funds cutting-edge research addressing challenges faced by LMICs.

The LMIC LPS Directory is searchable by geographic location and/or topic and provides an initial summary of the details of each LMIC LPS included. In addition it provides a link to individual study websites, where further information and relevant contact details can be found.

All studies included in the LMIC Directory meet the following criteria:

  • are longitudinal population studies;
  • are carried out in Low and Middle Income Countries;
  • use a sample size of more than 500 households or 1,500 individuals at baseline.

The information included in the LMIC LPS Directory has been collated following an extensive online search, and the information provided is currently available elsewhere online. The LMIC LPS Directory is open to the inclusion of other existing LPSs, and new LPSs as they are developed. Each individual study profile indicates whether or not the information provided on that study has been verified by a core study-team member; we are seeking to verify all entries over time. Principal Investigators are invited to amend details of included studies or submit new studies for inclusion (see below for relevant contact details).

There is an existing UK Cohort Directory which has been in place for about three years, and is a key reference point for those seeking to build UK research collaborations based on LPSs. Building on this experience, we hope the new LMIC LPS Directory will greatly enhance opportunities for collaboration across the globe.

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