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Firm location choices

Our research considers firms’ decisions over where to locate production, innovative activities and intellectual property. This work includes consideration of the role of clustering of economic activity and of public policies, including taxes, in firms’ location decisions.  We have developed longitudinal firm-level data with information on firms’ productive and innovative activities across many countries that allow us to provide a sound evidence base for policy evaluation.

Selected highlights

Journal article
We provide evidence on how changes in the use of high-skilled workers (inventors) in a foreign location affect a firm's domestic use of the same type of worker. We exploit rich data that provide variation in the location of inventors within multinational firms across industries and countries to ...
Journal article
We investigate evidence for spatially mediated knowledge transfer from university research. We examine whether firms locate R&D near universities, and whether those that do are more likely to co-operate with, or source knowledge from them.
Journal article
This paper considers the factors that influence the locational decisions of multinational firms.


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