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Health outcomes in developing countries

Health is an extremely important factor in shaping economic outcomes and fostering economic development.

Research in this area seeks to provide evidence on a range of questions. What factors drive household decisions relating to health investments? What is the causal effect of health on economic outcomes such as educational attainment and labour market success? How important are environmental factors such as sanitation relative to other factors such as nutrition in determining individuals’ health? What are the main drivers of households’ uptake of improved sanitation: what are the key constraints and the best ways of alleviating these? What are the health and non-health impacts of adoption of improved sanitation practices? What are the impacts of expanding health insurance? How can the delivery of health services be improved?

Researchers are involved in the evaluation of a range of programmes targeting health and sanitation, including Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programmes in Colombia and Kazakhstan, sanitation interventions in India and Nigeria, a programme to improve nutritional knowledge in Malawi, incentives for health care workers in Nigeria, and a pay for performance programme to alleviate anaemia in rural Chinese schools.


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Imran Rasul
Research Director