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The National Health Service and social care systems

Research in this area explores trends in public spending on health and social care, the impact of NHS policies and reforms on the cost and quality of care, and the productivity of the NHS and Social Care workforce. We have also worked with colleagues around the world to produce cross-country comparisons of patterns of individual medical spending, including spending at the end of life.

Selected highlights

IFS Working Paper W18/15
Recent years have seen substantial reductions in public spending on social care for older people in England. This has not only led to large falls in the number of people over the age of 65 receiving publicly funded social care, but also to growing concern about the potential knock-on effects on ...
IFS Working Paper NBER Working Paper No. 24445
The emergency department (ED) is a complex node of healthcare delivery that is facing market and regulatory pressure across developed economies to reduce wait times. In this paper we study how ED doctors respond to such incentives, by focusing on a landmark policy in England that imposed strong ...
Journal article | Health Affairs
The authors use detailed health care data for the period 2009–11 from nine countries to measure the composition and magnitude of medical spending in the three years before death.
On 5 July this year the NHS will be 70. In all its 70 years it has rarely been far from the headlines. It has been through more than its fair share of reforms, crises and funding ups and downs. Over that period, the amount we spend on it has risen inexorably. Yet, today, concerns about the adequacy ...


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