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Working Papers

Our working papers include policy-relevant material by staff at the institute and by its associates intended for academic publication. The series is edited by Pedro Carneiro and Ian Preston.

ISSN: 1742-0415

IFS Working Paper W22/24
We examine the living standards and health of working-age disabled people and disability benefits recipients over time in the UK.
IFS Working Paper W22/26
We spotlight some of the newer directions in intergenerational mobility research within economics driven by changes in some key trends in the recent decades, as well as growing availability of administrative data.
IFS Working Paper W22/25
Lucie Gadenne, Samuel Norris, Monica Singhal and Sandip Sukhtankar
We develop a model demonstrating that in-kind transfers are welfare improving to beneficiaries relative to cash if the covariance between the marginal utility of income and price is positive.
IFS Working Paper W22/23
We use newly linked UK administrative to estimate absolute income mobility for children born in England in the 1980s.
IFS Working Paper W22/22
Brendon McConnell and Marcos Vera-Hernandez
This paper describes methods to optimally choose the number of treatment and control clusters, and the number of units within treatment and control clusters, allowing for full flexibility.
IFS Working Paper W22/21
Pau Olivella and Marcos Vera-Hernandez
We study the link between illness severity and the use of public health care services by the privately insured under a public health system.
IFS Working Paper W22/20
Judit Kreko, Daniel Prinz and Andrea Weber
We develop a simple framework to evaluate the trade-offs with disability insurance programs.
IFS Working Paper W22/19
Ryan Cooper, Javier Guevara, James Kinder, Mario Rivera, Antonia Sanhueza and Michela Tincani
This report studies the impacts that preferential admissions can have on the higher-education admission, enrolment and retention of disadvantaged students.
IFS Working Paper W22/18
Alex Armand, Britta Augsburg, Antonella Bancalari and Kalyan Kumar Kameshwara
We study how social proximity between the sender and the receiver of information shapes the effectiveness of preventive health behaviour campaigns and the persistence of misinformation.
IFS Working Paper W22/17
Mariacristina De Nardi, Giulio Fella and Gonzalo Paz-Pardo
This report summarises a project which documents that the dynamics of male and female labour earnings in the UK is substantially richer than typically assumed, and shows that accounting for this richer dynamics is important for the evaluation of welfare benefit reforms.