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Funding Schools in England: Implications of a new national funding formula


Luke Sibieta joined the 'Ask The Expert' series organised by the Social Market Foundation to discuss the potential implications of this radical change to the school funding system and sets the changes in a proper historical context by illustrating how spending has varied across different groups of schools and area over the last thirty years. 

Listen to the podcast.

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IFS Programme Director, Luke Sibieta, is giving evidence on school funding to the House of Commons select committee on 31 January. Nick Gibb MP, Minister for School Standards, and Tom Goldman, Director of Education Funding at the DfE, give evidence along representatives of the Institute for Fiscal ...
This presentation was delivered at the Westminster Education Forum seminar : The future of school funding: policy, efficiency and best practice.
The government has committed to freezing school spending per pupil in cash terms in England up to 2019–20. It has also committed to introducing a national funding formula for schools in England from 2017 onwards. In this report, we provide historical context for these changes by showing how ...
Journal article | Fiscal Studies, Volume 36, No. 3, September 2015
This article looks at School Spending in England 2010–15.