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The impacts of changes to social rents policy


This presentation was delivered at the annual Stock Retaining Authorities' conference, organised by HouseMark in association with the Association of Retained Council Housing, in Coventry on 3rd December 2015.

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Briefing note
This briefing note provides an overview of the social housing system. Except where stated otherwise, it focuses on the system in operation in England: many of the institutional and policy details differ in the other nations of the UK, and a full treatment of those is beyond the scope of this ...
This is a response by IFS researchers to the UK Government's consultation 'Pay to Stay: Fairer Rents in Social Housing'.
This presentation was delivered at the 'Social rents policy: choices and trade-offs' event held at IFS on 5th November 2015.
Social housing providers (local authorities and housing associations) fulfill at least three functions: building housing, acting as landlord and delivering subsidised rent levels. This report focuses on the last of these. Specifically, we analyse the consequences for tenants, social housing ...
Press release
Reductions in social rents announced in the July Budget will be of little or no direct benefit to most of the 3.9 million households in England living in social housing. The consequent reduction in housing benefit will save the exchequer money, and will strengthen tenants’ work incentives as they ...