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Eating less but putting on weight

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Why has obesity risen despite us eating less? Rachel Griffith and Pierre Dubois talk about her work, which showed how the amount of exercise we get from modern life has played a massive role. Rachel Griffith was elected President of the European Economic Association for 2015.

Rachel gave the Presidential address at the 2015 EEA-ESEM conference in Mannheim on this topic.

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Journal article
Shocks to world commodity prices and the depreciation of sterling led to a large increase in the price of food in the UK. It also resulted in large changes in the relative prices of different foods. The authors document these changes, and consider how they affected the composition of households’ ...
This paper was presented at the EEA-ESEM conference in Toulouse (25th August 2014).
Journal article
The rise in obesity has largely been attributed to an increase in calorie consumption. We show that official government household survey data indicate that calories have declined in England between 1980 and 2013; while there has been an increase in calories from food out at restaurants, fast food, ...