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EDePo Digest: Issue 1


In this first issue, our featured topic is early childhood development (ECD). EDePo researchers Sarah Cattan and Marta Rubio-Codina explain our work in this field in Colombia and India; there is a report from the field; and we give information on how we elicit mothers’ expectations about their children’s prospects. We also look at the returns rural Indians earn from their cows and buffaloes --- a controversial topic of late, and one that matters given wider debates about the role that asset and livestock transfers can play in lifting people out of poverty.

New editions of EDePo Digest will be published every four to six months to keep you up to date with our various activities.

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Welcome to the second issue of EDePo Digest, our newsletter. Inside, we take a look at current EDePo research, and provide information on our recent publications and upcoming events.
IFS Working Paper W14/02
This paper studies the effects of a randomised intervention in rural Malawi which, over a six-month period, provided mothers of young infants with information on child nutrition without supplying any monetary or in-kind resources.
Cemmap Working Paper CWP24/14
We study an innovative welfare program in Chile which combines a period of frequent home visits to households in extreme poverty, with guaranteed access to social services.