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Home Publications Women in their late 60s will be as likely as men to be in paid work in 2020

Women in their late 60s will be as likely as men to be in paid work in 2020

Carl Emmerson, Katy Heald and Andrew Hood
Press release

Life at older ages will look very different for women in the early 2020s than it does today. They are likely to be healthier, their husbands will live longer, and they will be much more likely to be in paid work.

These are among the main findings of The Changing Face of Retirement, a new report published today by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the IFS Retirement Saving Consortium, with support from the Economic and Social Research Council. The study projects the demographic and financial circumstances of those aged 65 and over in England up to 2022–23.

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This report presents projections of mortality, family composition, health, care receipt, care provision, labour supply and receipt of disability benefits for people aged 65 and over from 2010–11 through to 2022–23.
IFS Working Paper w14/12
This paper sets out the methodology, assumptions, and modelling specifications used to produce the report The changing face of retirement by Emmerson, Heald and Hood (2014)
This presentation was given at the launch of the IFS report The Changing Face of Retirement on 26 June 2014.