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Inequality of mortality and morbidity by income

Daniel Prinz, Anikó Bíró, Péter Elek, Tamás Hajdu and Gábor Kertesi
Book chapter

We use the comprehensive national individual-level mortality registers administrative data, and settlement-level and microregion-level administrative data on population characteristics and income to examine inequalities in Hungary during the 2011–2016 period in mortality rates, life expectancy, and morbidity.

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Book chapter
We examine geographic and income-related inequalities in health and healthcare spending and the relationship between these two dimensions of inequality using administrative data from Hungary.
Journal article
Using mortality registers and administrative data on income and population, we develop new evidence on the magnitude of life expectancy inequality in Hungary and the scope for health policy in mitigating this. We document considerable inequalities in life expectancy at age 45 across ...