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Frank Windmeijer

Frank Windmeijer

Research Fellow


MSc Econometrics, University of Amsterdam, 1987
PhD Econometrics, University of Amsterdam, 1992

Frank joined the Institute in 1996 having previously worked at the University of Amsterdam, the Australian National University and University College London. He is now a professor of econometrics at the University of Bristol.

His research interests include the econometrics of dynamic panel data models and count data, and various issues in health, e.g. household smoking behaviour and demand for health care.

Frank ran the Econometric Study Group and is a member of the Centre for Economic Evaluation, which is part of the ESRC Evidence-Based Policy and Practice Network.

He is a co-editor of the Econometrics Journal.

Academic outputs

Journal article
We consider testing for weak instruments in a model with multiple endogenous variables.
Cemmap Working Paper CWP31/15
The authors consider testing for weak instruments in a model with multiple endogenous variables.

Reports and comment

External publication
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Briefing note
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