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Ian Walker

Ian Walker

Research Fellow

Ian is a Professor of Economics at Lancaster University. His major research interests are in the econometrics of the labour market and applied aspects of public policy issues, such as taxation and work incentives, social security issues, the analysis of risk aversion, and the relationship between parental incomes and child outcomes.

Academic outputs

Journal article | Fiscal Studies, Vol. 26, No. 3, September 2005
This paper attempts to uncover the effects of a UK welfare-to-work programme on individual wage growth by exploiting an expansion to this welfare programme.
IFS Working Paper W05/05
This paper addresses the intergeneration transmission of education and investigates the extent to which early school leaving (at age 16) may be due to variations in permanent income, parental education levels, and shocks to income at this age.

Reports and comment

External publication
This report provides estimates of the earnings returns to completing postgraduate degrees, for British and Northern Irish students studying in Britain.
This report estimates the impact on earnings of attending HE compared with not going. The authors detail how this varies by subject and institution of study, as well as how these returns vary by gender, prior educational attainment and the sorts of subjects individuals have studied up to age 18. ...