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Elaine Drayton

Elaine Drayton

Research Economist


MSc Economics (Distinction), UCL, 2018

BSc Economics (1st Class), UCL, 2017

Elaine joined the IFS in 2020 and works in the Education and Skills sector. Her research interests include understanding the origins of socioeconomic inequalities and the role that policies can play during the early years, adolescence and early adulthood in reducing socioeconomic gaps. Current projects include investigating the contribution of universities to social mobility and the mechanisms behind this.  Prior to joining the IFS, Elaine worked as a researcher at the Early Intervention Foundation where her work focused on assessing the effectiveness of early intervention programmes.

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Briefing note
We consider who would be affected by each of the proposed MERs, and then assess whether the introduction of a minimum eligibility requirement is likely to achieve the government’s stated aim of ensuring that ‘students undertaking degree study have attained the baseline skills required to engage ...
We investigate the extent to which individual universities, subjects and courses promote intergenerational mobility.