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Alex Davenport

Alex Davenport

Research Economist


BA Economics (1st Class), University of Cambridge, 2019

Alex joined the IFS in 2019 and works in the Industrial Organisation and Demand sector. His current work focuses on the impacts of trade and globalisation on wages and inequality, as well as the long-term effects of deindustrialisation in the UK.


External publication
Understanding inequalities within, not just between, regions of the UK is vital to formulating effective policy to ‘level up’ the country.
Briefing note
In this briefing note, we update and extend previous IFS analysis, to consider how employment, incomes, benefit claims and council tax payments have evolved over a longer period and have varied geographically, and draw out key implications for local government.

News and comment


The pandemic has had profound consequences for incomes, spending, saving, and financial distress. In this event we brought together evidence from a number of recent pieces of research which use bank account data to shed light on these issues.
At this event, IFS researchers presented the findings of two chapters of the 2020 IFS Green Budget, addressing the big questions around the 2020 Spending Review and ‘levelling up’.