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Lucinda Platt

Lucinda Platt

Research Fellow

Academic outputs

Journal article | Fiscal Studies, Volume 41, Issue 2
This paper examines the pre-existing and new inequalities between ethnic groups in England and Wales exposed by the economic and public health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We draw on current mortality and case data, alongside pre-crisis labour force data, to investigate the relative ...

Reports and comment

Briefing note
This briefing note sheds greater light on how historical disadvantages are, or are not, replicated in today’s education system and labour market, and the implications for targeted versus more general policies to level the playing field.
Briefing note
A year and a half ago we launched the IFS Deaton Review of Inequalities. When we did so, the chair of the Review, Nobel Laureate Sir Angus Deaton, raised the possibility that inequalities may prove a threat to our economic, social and political systems unless they are tackled effectively.


This online event presented new evidence on economic inequalities between men and women. It investigated how far patterns of work and pay have changed over time and what the causes of the persistent gaps are.