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Peter Levell

Peter Levell

Associate Director


PhD, University College London, 2019

MSc Economics, London School of Economics, 2009

BSc Economics (1st Class), University College London, 2008


Peter joined the IFS in September 2009. He has published several papers on the microeconomics of household spending and labour supply decisions over the life-cycle. He has also written about the measurement and impact of inflation and is a member of the ONS Technical Advisory Panel on Consumer Prices. He obtained his PhD in Economics from UCL in 2019.

Academic outputs

IFS Working Paper W21/03
MPCs were directly elicited from a representative sample of UK adults in July 2020 using receipt of a hypothetical unanticipated, one-time income payment. Reported MPCs are low, around 11% on average.
IFS Working Paper W20/35
This working paper looks at the marginal propensity to consume from a representative sample of UK adults in July 2020. Reported MPCs are low, around 11% on average. They are higher, but still modest, for individuals in households with high current needs.

Reports and comment

The IFS Deaton Review was launched to understand the causes of economic and social inequalities, and their effects on societies and on our political discourse. Such an analysis is particularly important for the economics and politics of trade policy: trade and globalisation can have important ...
Briefing note
Reports indicate the government is considering a temporary cut in VAT to stimulate consumer demand, possibly targeted at sectors such as tourism and restaurants. Overall the case for a temporary VAT cut now is mixed. It could provide an important fillip to consumer demand if implemented under the ...


This presentation was given by Peter Levell as part of the "A look ahead to the March 2020 Budget" preview briefing.
This presentation was delivered by Peter Levell as part of an event held on 5th October where a chapter of the Green Budget 2018, "The exposure of different workers to potential trade barriers between the UK and the EU", was launched.