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David Goll

David Goll

Research Associate


PhD Economics, University College London, 2022

MSc Economics (Distinction), University College London, 2012

BA Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (First Class Honours), University of Oxford, 2011

David joined the IFS in 2017 as a Visiting Scholar and is currently a Research Associate. His research interests are in the economics of education and labour economics. In recent work, he has studied the impact of higher education financing on social mobility and the interaction between benefit design, training and wages. His past experience includes working as an economist in the private sector, consulting on environmental and energy policy.

Academic outputs

Journal article
We investigate the role of training in reducing the gender wage gap using the British Household Panel Survey.
IFS Working Paper W19/08
We investigate the role of training in reducing the gender wage gap using the UK-BHPS which contains detailed records of training. Using policy changes over an 18 year period we identify the impact of training and work experience on wages, earnings and employment.

Reports and comment

Briefing note
Pupils benefit from a large amount of state funding for education in the 12+ years they spend in formal education, about £73,000 on average for pupils aged 16 in Summer 2010 in England. The total amount they experience is shaped by their education choices (e.g. whether to stay on post 16 and/or go ...