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Xavier Jaravel

Xavier Jaravel

Research Associate

Xavier is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and an IFS Research Associate. His research areas include public economics, the economics of innovation, and the economics of inequality.

Academic outputs

IFS Working Paper W22/08
In this article we review recent evidence showing how market forces and policies shape the rate and direction of innovation, with various implications for inequality.
Journal article | Fiscal Studies, Volume 41, Issue 3
We use real‐time scanner data in Great Britain during the COVID‐19 pandemic to investigate the drivers of the inflationary spike at the beginning of lockdown and to quantify the impact of high‐frequency changes in shopping behaviours and promotions on inflation measurement.

Reports and comment

Briefing note
In this briefing note, we use comprehensive real-time data on grocery purchases and prices in Great Britain to show how inflation and promotional activity has evolved up until the beginning of August 2020.
Briefing note
The COVID-19 pandemic led many countries to implement social distancing, lockdowns and travel restrictions, which have resulted in a collapse in the world economy unprecedented in peacetime.