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Laura van der Erve

Laura van der Erve

Senior Research Economist


MPhil Economics, University of Oxford, 2016

BA Economics and Management (1st Class), University of Oxford, 2014


Laura joined the IFS in 2016 and is a Senior Research Economist in the Education and Skills sector. Her research examines the causes of inequalities within and between generations, with a particular focus on the role of education. Current projects look at the drivers of geographical variation in intergenerational mobility, the role schools and universities can play in increasing social mobility, and the impact of labour market shocks on children’s long-run outcomes. Past work has looked at the returns to different types of education and the design of the higher education system.

Academic outputs

IFS Working Paper W21/24
Using a large and novel administrative dataset, this paper investigates variation in returns to different higher education ‘degrees’ (subject-institution combinations) in the United Kingdom.
Journal article | Economics of Education Review
The impact of the design of income contingent loans for Higher Education students on the magnitude and distribution of government subsidies is highly dependent on the institutional setting.

Reports and comment

We investigate the extent to which individual universities, subjects and courses promote intergenerational mobility.
In this report, we investigate how adjusting for cost of living affects the returns to different higher education options.


The share of people staying on in education beyond the age of 18 has grown substantially in the UK since the 1980s. Yet until now, evidence on the effect of these qualifications on subsequent earnings has been limited. This event presented key findings from three pieces of research published in ...
This presentation was given by Laura van der Erve at the Public Economics Lecture Day on 5 January 2018.