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David Sturrock

David Sturrock

Senior Research Economist


MPhil Economics, University of Oxford, 2016
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (1st Class), University of Oxford, 2012

David joined the IFS in 2016, working in the Pensions and Public Finance sector. His current research examines household wealth, the intergenerational transmission of inequailty, and the impact of longer working lives on health. Previously, David was an economist at HM Treasury, working on fiscal policy, analysis of Scottish independence, and strategy for the 2015 Spending Review.

Academic outputs

IFS Working Paper W22/26
We spotlight some of the newer directions in intergenerational mobility research within economics driven by changes in some key trends in the recent decades, as well as growing availability of administrative data.
IFS Working Paper WP19/28
In the UK, those born between the 1930s and 1950s have seen generation-on-generation increases in wealth, while those born more recently appear to have accumulated no more wealth than their predecessors had done by the same age.

Reports and comment

The Platinum Jubilee generation – those born as the Queen came to the throne – turn 70 this year. How have their lives changed during the Queen’s reign?
In this report, we shed light on this question by examining the spending patterns of current retirees in the UK.


At this event, IFS researchers presented the findings of new research on the spending patterns of current retirees. Following this, Carolyn Jones, Head of Pensions Policy and Strategy at the Money and Pensions Service, gave a response to the findings of the report.
In September, the government announced that it was introducing a cap on the lifetime social care costs faced by individuals. At the event a joint IFS-Health Foundation report was presented that looks at the implications of this change.