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Adam Rosen

Adam Rosen

International Research Fellow


PhD Economics, Northwestern University, 2006
BA Mathematics and Economics, Cornell University, 1999

Adam is an Associate Professor of Economics at Duke University and an international research fellow associated with the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap) at IFS and UCL. His research interests are in Econometrics and Applied Industrial Organization.

Journal articles

Journal article | Econometrica
Journal article | Econometrics Journal
In this paper, the authors study a random-coefficients model for a binary outcome.

Working papers

Cemmap Working Paper CWP25/21
We study inference in complete information games with discrete strategy spaces. Unlike binary games, we allow for rich strategy spaces and we only assume that they are ordinal in nature.
Cemmap Working Paper CWP26/21
This paper studies models of processes generating censored outcomes with endogenous explanatory variables and instrumental variable restrictions.


This paper was presented at the 2013 Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics conference in Econometrics: Partial Identification, Weak Identification, and Related Econometric Problems. The conference took place on 5 June 2013 at YALE SOM, Watson Center.
This paper was presented at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach conference on "Mathematical Statistics of Partially Identified Objects" on 22 April 2013.