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Guy Laroque

Guy Laroque

International Research Fellow


D.E.A. Mathématiques appliquées à l'Économie, Université Paris IV, 1971

D.E.S. Sciences Économiques, Université Paris , 1971

École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Économique ENSAE, 1970

École Polytechnique, 1965

Guy is a Research Fellow at the IFS and was involved with the Mirrlees Review of the UK tax system. He is also a Professor at Sciences Po and at University College London. Guy ‘s research revolves around macroeconomic issues, with contributions to theory, public economics, econometric techniques and applications.

Journal articles

Journal article | Journal of Economic Theory
Journal article
We put forward a method for estimating discount rates using wealth and income data. We build consumption from these data using the budget constraint. Consumption transitions yield discount rates by household groups. Applying this technique to a sample of older households, we find a similar ...

Working papers

IFS Working Paper W18/13
Consider a simple general equilibrium economy with one representative consumer, a single competitive firm and the government. Suppose that the government has to finance public expenditures using linear consumption taxes and/or a lump-sum tax on profits redistributed to the consumer. We show ...
IFS Working Paper W17/07
We study a general model of occupational choice and optimal income taxation where agents have private cost of work that di ffer across occupations and have both deterministic and random components. We apply our framework to study the work decisions of couples in an extensive set up and give ...


This presentation was delivered as part of an invited session at the 10th World Congress of the Econometric Society in Shanghai.
This presentation was delivered at the IFS Residential Conference 2007.