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Workshop on economic lessons from the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, and measures to control its spread, led to severe economic dislocations. Governments had to quickly redesign systems of social support to deal with these unprecedented circumstances. Economists played a key role in designing and informing these policy choices, and were able to monitor their effects using data collected during the pandemic from a range of sources.

This workshop - aimed at policymakers and academics - will bring together economists from a range of fields to draw out the most important policy lessons from the last two years. What consequences is the pandemic likely to have in the short and long term? What were the effects of different policy interventions on behaviour and well-being? And what lessons are there for policymakers tackling future economic downturns?

Presentations at this workshop will include:

  • Search and reallocation in the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from the UK
  • Worker mobility and labour market opportunities
  • The value of sick pay
  • Intergenerational effects of labour market shocks on children’s socio-emotional and behavioural development
  • COVID-19 and inflation
  • A year of COVID: the evolution of labour market and financial inequalities through the crisis
  • Consumption effects of mortgage payment holidays: evidence during the Covid-19 pandemic

To request a place at this in-person only workshop, please email

Registration will take place from 11.30, with the first session starting at 12.00.


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