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Home Events Why tax corporate income? (And what can go wrong when we do?)

Why tax corporate income? (And what can go wrong when we do?)

You can download the event's slides here.

What’s on offer?

Each year early career economists at IFS deliver a day of public economics talks, aimed at A-level and undergraduate students who have an interest in economics or might want to pursue a career in public policy research. As part of this year’s Festival of Social Science, we will be live streaming a selection of lectures from the series to anyone who is interested in finding out more about economics. There will be time allowed for Q&A on each topic.

What’s it about?

Why do governments tax corporate profits? And what are the policy challenges associated with doing so? The lecture explores whether the burden of corporation tax falls on shareholders or workers and asks why so many large companies appear to pay so little tax.

Open to

These webinars are primarily aimed at final year undergraduates studying economics, but should be useful to anyone interested in the subject.