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Pre-Budget Report 2006


The Chancellor made his Pre-Budget statement on Wednesday 6th December. A press release gives out immediate reaction of the Pre-Budget Report. Carl Emmerson and Chris Frayne explore the issues in an article in Public Finance Magazine.

IFS held a briefing on the following day; slides are available to download here:

Useful publications

Green Budget 2006

The IFS Green Budget 2006 examines the Chancellor's options for the Budget. Areas covered include the fiscal policy framework, the public finances and spending plans, distributional analysis, childcare policy and company taxation. The Green Budget was carried out in collaboration with Morgan Stanley and includes their analysis of the economic outlook and funding and debt management.

Public finances

Since October 2002 IFS has produced monthly bulletins analysing the government's public finance figures.

The UK tax system and the environment

A new IFS report (November 2006) examines in depth the current system of green taxes in place in the UK, their design and effectiveness, and looks at the recent history of green tax revenues and greenhouse gas emissions.

Poverty and inequality
The Pensions White Paper: who wins and who loses?

A newspaper article (August 2006) examines the proposed changes to state pensions and assesses who will win and who will lose from their implementation.

Fiscal Facts

Fiscal Facts contains facts and figures about UK taxes, benefits and public spending. The tables give current and historical rates and thresholds for the main direct and indirect taxes, as well as benefit rates, numbers of claimants and expenditure levels.

There are also 4 briefing notes:


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