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The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) is the UK’s leading independent economics research institute. Our world-class research helps policymakers – and those who hold them accountable – understand the impact that policy decisions have on individuals, households and businesses.

IFS is supported by ESRC

We are recognised as a global centre of excellence and have been granted official ESRC Research Institute status. The Research Centre at the heart of IFS is the CPP.

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Our impact stats

working papers written by IFS authors in 2023
journal articles published by IFS authors in 2023. Over the past decade we have had 48 articles in the top five economics journals
mentions in the UK media 2023
mentions in parliamentary debates in 2023
UK government policy documents that cited IFS and its research in 2023
Researchers at IFS

Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy

The ESRC has funded a Centre at IFS since 1991. We are recognised as a global centre of excellence and have official ESRC Research Institute status

The Centre underpins and is fundamental to IFS's research agenda, and is of central importance to our ability to integrate research with policy analysis.

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